Opon IFA with OBI (image from Grasping the Root of Divine Power)

5 Position Obi: Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition

What I enjoy most about learning at Sadulu House is that from day one, our instructor HRU constantly shocks your mental muscles, by feeding you tons of information that your conscious mind initially has some difficulty digesting. However, if you're open to receiving, once your conscious mind catches up to the subconscious mind to process, and accept it. The information transforms you!

In addition to the method of teaching at Sadulu House, what I truly enjoy is that you are immediately given tools, and resources to empower yourself. As an Umfumdi in the Novice class I learned 5 Position Obi within the first two months. HRU advised that some iles don't teach it until after a year, and that's if they even teach it at all! He also advised that some iles don't allow Umfumdi to give offerings, or even do their own rituals etc.  So of course, as a Novice, this was shocking to me because I just assumed that all iles taught under a similiar method as Sadulu House. So I was very thankful that I was guided to a house that teaches You...to empower You!

5 Position Obi does just that. It is a very basic form of divination. It consists of Yes or No questions, and an interpretation of your questions is based on how the coconut shells fall. While it's very basic in nature what it does is teach you how to tap into the divine energy of You, Your ORI. You are essentially asking your Higher Self questions for guidance, and overtime you'll become more adept at trusting your own intuition and judgement. You'll find yourself more and more saying, I knew it!

This was key for me, because prior to coming into this space, I was constantly getting readings, constantly feeling like I did not have the answers, and someone else did. However what was interesting was that most readers...or at least the ethical ones would tell me, “You come to get readings, but you already know the answers.” While I didn't want to admit it, this was true, and I'm sure it's the same for many of you. The problem was, I felt that I needed someone else to validate what I felt I knew.

Since that time, and learning 5 position Obi, I haven't had a reading from anyone including our instructor in at least a year! This is not because I'm constantly casting OBI for myself, but because since I have learned OBI, I have learned to hone and trust my own intuition. As cliché as it sounds, I have learned that the answers reside within You!

How to make the OBI is very detailed, a bit long to fit here, but If you're an Umfumdi at Sadulu House, I'm sure you've been taught how to make them. But For prospective students and Novice in particular, you can find very detailed instructions on how to make the Obi in the required reading “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” by our instructor , HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU.

I will that you enjoy your readings!

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