Faqs / I am a registered student that just transferred over from the Udemy Platform. How do I Access My Classes?

You can transfer your registration (paid course only) from the Udemy platform by signing up and purchasing  the FREE course using the same username that you used on Udemy.com.

Once this is done we will provide you with access to the course within 24-36 hours of request.

Please Note:

Your course will be reset to the beginning even if you have completed the course on Udemy. However there are new quizzes in ANU Spiritual Training that will offer you insight into your understanding of the concepts. The quizzes are mandatory and must be completed and passed by a certain percentage in order to progress through the course.


Please also do not skip through the courses without completing the assigned activities(homework). Doing so will only do yourself a disservice and not bring about the transformation and innerstandings that you seek to achieve through our course.

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