Faqs / What is the Difference Between the Paid Course and the Free Course?

Free Course:

The Free Course is entitled “Enlightenment & Transformation-Know you are God – Unleash Your Full Power”.  This course is the prerequisite to our paid course “ANU Priesthood Training.”

The information that is offered in the free course will provide you with a basic understanding of the cosmic forces of nature, what divination is, and of course, learning about the soul. This will allow you to enter into the paid course having familiarity with the language as well as a general understanding of  indigenous spirituality and some of the concepts that will be covered.

Paid Course:

The paid course offers additional information and resources that are exclusive for the students of ANU Spiritual Training. It also presents information that increases in complexity as you advance through the course.  The paid course is also paired with homework assignments and activities to help evaluate your progress and spiritual development.  Additionally, you will have the support of our Chief Jegna Yuya and our online learning community.

While the free course is our prerequisite course we encourage you to enroll in both courses. There is no deadline to register for the paid course and you can go at your own pace.  Also doing so will give you access to our virtual learning community via our online private student forums where you can present any questions or share your experience.

To register or learn more about ANU Spiritual Training please visit us here: http://www.saduluhouse.com/spiritual-training/


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