Faqs / What is the difference between a customer service question and a consultation?

A customer service question consists of general inquiries related to ANU Nation products and services or any technical difficulties or issues using one of our platforms.

For example:


1. I just started learning about Orisha and found out that Sango is my guardian Orisha. Where can I go to learn more about Sango?

2. I can not access my classes on Sadulu House what should should I do?

3. How can I speak with Chief Yuya without scheduling a consultation?


A consultation consists of questions where you are asking personal questions seeking guidance or advise, or questions where you are specifically looking to speak with Chief Yuya regardless of the nature (spiritual advice or general questions).

For example:

1. I just learned that I am destined to be a Yemoja priestess and I would like to learn more about my spiritual path. Can you please tell me what I’m required to do?

2. I heard Chief Yuya on his radio show. I would like to speak with him to get more insight on his thoughts on animal totems

3. I came across your site and wanted to know how I can spiritually protect myself  from losing my business  before my court date next month?

If your questions fall within the consultation category please do not submit them to our customer service contacts. Please schedule an appointment for a consultation by visiting us here: http://www.saduluhouse.com/appointment-booking/

If you have a customer service question please review this FAQ Knowlegde Base. Many of your questions can be answered here. In the event your question can not be answered here please contact us at 1-800-ANU-living or at Questions@ANUNation.org.















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