Ego: What is the importance of breaking things down?



As adults, many of us have memories of rough childhoods.  Because we have prayed to the God of our parents during our greatest tragedies and have come up empty-handed often, many of us became emotionally, physically, and spiritually “damaged.” We have each been distracted from living out our purpose with which we are to advance humanity.

 When seeking the truth about ourselves however, after a very long stretch of heartaches we tend to grab desperately for everything we even think may be the solution to our problems.  With damaged minds and spirits, the result of this “rushing to know,” can sadly lead us right back to the painful and disappointing place at which we began.

Although our ego can fuel our survival, it can also become our greatest obstacle, if worshipped.  In our damaged state, our ego can become over-inflated, convincing us we know exactly what we need. Sometimes, we may find exactly what we need and still have a problem dropping our ego so that our minds can be free to pick up the solution.

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The guiding light is actually within all of us and because here, we explain life using the Orisas, one good Orisa to seek for assistance is Ogun.  He is best known for his ability to remove obstacles from any path and an over-inflated ego can very easily be our greatest obstacle to enlightenment.

Ogun is a warrior spirit of iron, so he is considered the essence of blacksmithing throughout history and as technology (i.e. tools) is vital in advancement, he is also known to possess the ability to advance or expand a person or an entire civilization.  One of Ogun’s colors is red and in being the spirit of iron –which helps to make red blood cells and is what even makes our blood red- Ogun is the spirit of vitality as well.

Now, being a forceful or advancing energy as opposed to a receptive or relaxing one, Ogun is attributed to being a masculine energy, although he exists just as blood does, in us all.  This mighty warrior is often depicted with two machetes with which he removes the obstacles that prevent us from moving forward.  We can look into our bloodstreams for one of the many examples of how Ogun is with us daily:

About 80 percent of the iron we take into our bodies is used in our bones to create the cells that outnumber all other cells in our body: the red blood cells. Then, after assisting with their creation, the iron stays with these cells as they travel and the iron carries the oxygen, picked up from the lungs, which the red blood cells will use to actually survive.

The iron also carries and delivers oxygen to each organ throughout the entire body.  With this oxygen, we are able to break down sugar we eat into energy so each organ can stay alive to perform its responsibilities, including the brain and the heart.

After the red blood cells have made their deliveries of oxygen to each organ, picking up waste along the way to remove it as well, the red blood cells begin to break down into waste as well.  The iron, however, does not breakdown and is recycled by the body to continue in the role it plays: building, removing waste, and breaking things down in the body.

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Without Ogun, we could not convert the food we eat into energy to adequately function in our bodies.  It is safe to say that because of Ogun, we live.  Also, with the Earth’s core being predominantly iron and because iron is physically a transitional metal, meaning it can be used to form or create something; it is Ogun we should seek at our core before beginning a new transition.  His energy can not only prepare us for a new journey by building our vitality and removing from our ego what is not needed, but it can also break things down, so that we may receive them well as they are shared with us.

On your journey, remember that with Ogun being the spirit of vitality, he can power up our ability to learn, but can also power up our egos as well.  Power is power.  Like all other energies, Ogun can build us up as well as tear us down.

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