ANU Spiritual Training Phase 1

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Empower and Heal yourself by learning your true spiritual gifts. Become a part of an advanced priesthood order!

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    Has the religious orders that have been presented to you not appealed to you?
    Have you been marked for a certain path or deity but, lack the proper know-how as to how you can work with that energy?

    The ANU spiritual Order is a way of learning that allows the student to place themselves at the center of the learning experiences as opposed to memorizing rituals, names, and protocol that serve little when it comes down to reality reconstruction.

    Grasping the root of Divine Power

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    If you are interested in metaphysics this is a book to have in your collection. Initially, I read the book from front to back, that was really the initial get to know you phase. I now use it as a reference book. I go back to sections and re-read it again and again. It is multi layered, you will usually find more understanding. For spirtual work this book is a must. Thank you Yuya for taking the time to put some of your knowledge into a book to share. Very brave.

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    This class series is a hardcore spiritual initiation into the deeper truths of indigenous metaphysics and natural power.



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